Acing the First Day

The first day on a new job can be very nerve racking, but it is important to remember that your first impressions can be lasting ones.  So how do you cool your nerves and ace that first day on the job?


First off, if you can, take a little time off before starting the new job to relax, breath deeply and prepare.


When that first day arrives, you should have already done research to learn everything you can about your new environment.  The more familiar you are with your new company, the more confident you will feel walking in the door.  Also, talk to your friends and family to see if anyone you know is acquainted with someone already working there.  It could be very helpful to have a mutual acquaintance to meet you on your first day and help to show you the ropes.


Be sure you pick out your first clothing choices ahead of time.  Make sure you are comfortable; but remember to be careful in your choices at first, as you do not yet know what is acceptable.  Have everything cleaned and ironed ahead of time, which will give you one less thing to worry about your first week.


Before the first morning, plan and drive your route to work.  Time it, taking traffic differences into consideration, so that you can leave in plenty of time to be early for your first day.


Your first day is just as important as the interview.  Arrive with a smile, be polite to everyone (you could turn out to need their help) and introduce yourself to others.


Also, remember that your actions outside of work can also affect you.  If you are at the gas station down the street from work or in the parking lot…it is always possible to run into or be seen by a coworker.  Be mindful of your actions so that you don’t start off on the wrong foot before walking in the door.  In other words, don’t yell at the guy in front of you in line or show road rage on your way in, only to find out that it was your new boss you were yelling at or making lewd gestures to!


It is always a good idea to take a pen and pad on the first day.  You generally receive a lot of information in the first couple of weeks, so taking notes will help you to remember it all.  Take time to learn how your new company does things, and don’t argue how you could do it better…this will only cause negative attitudes toward you from the beginning.


Finally, make sure you ask plenty of questions.  The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.  Trying to act like you know everything at a new job will only lead to mistakes and poor future performance.


Have fun and enjoy your exciting new career adventure!


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