Are There Jobs Out There?

These days, the news is filled with negative stories about the economy and employment.  You hear a lot about the less than 10% of people out of work, but very little focus on the 90% who have jobs.  The media also reports often about the companies with mass layoffs, but rarely mention companies who are growing or hiring.  So, are there any jobs out there? 


After performing a simple Google search for employment, I kept noticing the names of major companies in the mix.  Just to mention a few companies that I found with a large number of openings:


·         Boeing- 94 jobs across the US in Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Information Technology


·         IBM- 118 jobs across the US in Engineering (hardware), IT & Telecommunications (Nonconsulting) and Software Development


·         JP Morgan Chase- 125 jobs across the US in Technology


So, how do you go about finding a job with one of these growing companies?  First, remember be realistic about the positions which you qualify for, and don’t hold out for your dream job that you aren’t quite experienced enough for.  Also, keep relocation in mind if a good opportunity presents itself.


Most job openings aren’t advertised on the well known “job boards;” however, the corporate career sites will list many positions which might not be found elsewhere.  Make a list of companies that you would like to go to work for, or target organizations within industries that you have experience in.  Visit the website for these companies and search openings until you find positions of interest.  Once you have identified the roles that you might fit for, network with all recruiters you are working with, as well as, your peer network to determine if anyone can get you an inside track on the position.  You are more likely to get hired if you are presented by someone who already has a relationship built with the company or hiring official.  If you determine that you do not have any existing ties to the organization or manager, get your best resume tailored for the position and apply online.  If you get an interview, remember to do your research so that you are well prepared for the interview.


Remember, there are a lot of companies who are hiring, even in 2009.  Get aggressive with your job search and focus on finding these companies!  This tactic will help your odds of landing a new position with a great, growing company!


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