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Since online job marketing and searching has become so popular, some of the old rules of resume writing have changed.  Resume experts used to advise that you add your own personal flare and character to the resume.  These days, any formatting used to add such character can wreak havoc on your resume when it is added to an HTML database or when a major company tries to scan it into their employment files.  This could not only cause headaches for anyone reviewing your resume, but could even keep you from getting the job.  Here are some tips for formatting your resume to be technology friendly:


Filetype-  Microsoft Word is probably the most universal.  Make sure the version that you are using is recent enough to be compatible with the newest versions.


Fonts-  Keep it simple.  Most fonts are not compatible in all file types.  Stick with Arial or Times New Roman to ensure your resume is always easy to read.


Borders-  It is best to stay away from using borders on your resume; however, if you must, stick with a single line border.  If a border is used, it is best to create it with the table feature, and not using frames or columns.


Tables-  Use tables instead of frames or columns in your resume.  Microsoft Word’s table feature is easy to use and more compatible than tabs or columns.


Tabs-  Using tabs or spaces in your resume can cause the formatting to jumble on the page when converted to other files.  The end effect is a disorganized listing of the neat columns you spent your time perfecting.  Use one of these other features in Word:  alignment features, indention features or tables.


Breaks-  If your document needs a break, use the line or page break features provided in Word.


Images-  If you choose to use any images, or even bullets, remember that it is possible that many sites and files will not support them.  Keep the use of these extras to a minimum to help ensure your resume displays as you want it to when it reaches the hiring official.


These are just a few things to keep in mind when building the most effective resume.  Remember, it doesn’t do any good to have the best looking resume out there if it doesn’t stay formatted or is not legible once you send it out!


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