JDResources and GetUsROI Team Up on WMS

Expansion of Warehouse Management Systems support and services

JDResources and GetUsROI, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) experts, introduce a better way to get your WMS work done: MyWMSTeam.

GetUsROI LLC, of Montgomery TX and Brookfield WI, announces a more effective and inexpensive method to complete your WMS modifications and enhancements.  “It’s called MyWMSTeam” announced Mark Fralick, president of GetUsROI LLC. “It is the most innovative approach that we have used for our in-house customers over the past few years.  We are making it more public due to its tremendous success.”   MyWMSTeam allows customers of GetUsROI LLC to have access to their own team of WMS experts – but only pay for what they use.   “We apply the best resource depending on the assignment, providing the best ROI for the customer, “Fralick continued.  “Look, not all resources are created equal; some are great at reports, some at building components, and some at doing integrations.  With a team approach, we have more ability to assign a resource that has the best fit for what the customer is trying to achieve.”

“We’ve been working side-by-side with Mark and GetUsROI for several years,” adds Jill Herrin, CEO of JDResources.  JDResources, located in Memphis, Tennessee, provides specialized, technical staffing and has a thriving Supply Chain/WMS consulting practice.  “What GetUsROI have done with MyWMSTeam is removed the risk of getting inappropriate resources involved in task assignments due to incumbency.  One thing you don’t want to do, for example, is to put someone inadequate at integrations on an integration job just because that is the resource you have – this adds no value at all to the customer.” Herrin concludes.

MyWMSTeam is 100% free to start.  A private task website is created for each customer.  The customer creates tasks or even just asks for advice.  MyWMSTeam provides an estimate for the customer to review and give approval.  If the customer does not move forward with the work, they pay nothing.  Customers are billed at month end only for tasks that are completed and accepted.  “If the customer does not accept the changes, due to some error on our part, they do not pay until the task is completed to their satisfaction.” said Fralick.  “It’s only fair.  We are the experts here – we know what we are doing and have a lot of confidence that the work we do will be of the highest quality for a very fair price.  If there is an issue with quality or delivery, you don’t pay.  That’s the way it should be – don’t you think?” Fralick concludes.

Founded in 1987, JDResources provides specialized consulting, permanent staffing, outsourcing, and C-level Executive services for Management, Technology and Healthcare talent requirements.  Our mission is to understand your business initiatives, and make those initiatives successful by supplying the resources you need in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Over the past twenty-three years, JDR has cultivated an extensive network of diversified professionals that provide a broad array of expertise.  Our firm has a unique blend of European precision and American assertiveness enabling us to provide the very best people for our clients’ important positions.


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