Hello Career Talk!

Hello Career Talk readers!

Its been about five minutes since our last post, right? Easter 2013? Ha. Anyway, before we launch into this revamp, let me introduce myself. I’m Alexandra, the youngest member of the JDResources team. I first became involved with JDR about four years ago, working part-time while in college on ad-hoc administrative duties and internal database upkeep. I started truly recruiting this year, and as I get my bearings in this industry I am ever more impressed by the amount of skill and effort my team members put forth each day to be successful. I’m learning A LOT these days, and when our CEO, Jill, asked me to take over this blog, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share insights as I gain them, and hopefully clarify some of the more nebulous areas of the daunting worlds of job-seeking and hiring. There are countless sources to which you could turn for advice on resume writing or interview strategies, but I want to provide that information with a Voice, because when you send your resume or post a job, you aren’t shouting into the corporate abyss; we’re here, and we’re rooting for you.

As a small business, at JDR we pride ourselves on our accessibility to our clients and candidates alike. In that spirit, I hope to encourage an open dialogue on this blog. Comment away!


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