Founded in 1987, JDResources, Inc. provides specialized permanent staffing and contract sourcing solutions for all technology needs. Over the past twenty-two years, we have cultivated an extensive network, built a team comprised of Certified Personnel Consultants and technology veterans and we’ve won numerous Top Producer and Small Business Awards.

But, who are we really?

JDR was founded by London-born Jill Herrin and her partner, Danny McKinney. Jill brought her determined nature and European style with her as she built a successful company and team. Danny recruited by her side and handled the technical operations- which wasn’t much back then. They’ve come a long way and are still together, with Jill heading up the recruiting and Danny handling the, much more complicated, technical side.

The team- our team is a fun-loving group consisting of 11 in-house contributors and approximately 30 people working at client sites. For further information on our team, please visit our Meet Our Team page for individual profiles.

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