Happy 2012

Happy 2012!  Our C-Level clients are busy building up their teams with strong employees and value-added skills.  We have seen a big surge this year in hiring both in the South East and on the West Coast.  To attract the best people we are negotiating better relocation packages and some sign-on bonuses as well as some telecommuting options.



“An Actor’s Life for Me”

Kudos and thank you to Peter Michael McGowan, who presented in Santa Monica this week an original piece entitled “An Actor’s Life for Me”.  The audience roared with laughter and requested autographs; and they booked again for next Christmas!  Peter presents a witty and lively repertoire about life as a British Actor, including many amusing encounters with famous people and trade blunders.  Please get in touch with us at JDResources Media If you have any interest in an amusing presentation at your corporate function or entertainment event.

This post was submitted by Jill Herrin.


JDR Media

JDR Media is working with our existing JDResources clients, to grow their businesses by producing exciting and innovative media products, to help them market their merchandise or services and expand their customer base.

Additionally we will work with new clients who feel we can help them to achieve maximum exposure in the marketplace.

Biography:  Peter McGowan

Peter is a UK citizen who was educated in England and Wales, attended the Welsh College of Music & Drama, followed by the University of Wales, where he received a Post-Grad Teaching qualification in Performing Arts.


JDResources Media

Glad the job market is still hopping, please send us a resume if you are open to a change!

We are also having fun doing more videos at JDResources Media.  Here are the latest ones:

DVD Promo for luxury property at Forest Hill Irene Rd., Germantown, TN. (6 min version)


Trailer of DVD Promo for luxury property at Forest Hill Irene Rd., Germantown, TN. (2 min)


Trailer of DVD Promo for luxury Lakeside property, overlooking Pickwick Lake TN. (2 min)


Please contact Peter.Mcgowan@jdresources.com if you would be interested in a promotional video or voice over.


JDResources – Plans for the Future March 2011

Established Memphis Firm Expands, Beating Recession!

JDResources Inc., an established Memphis – based Recruitment and Consulting Company, has proudly announced that, despite the recession hitting businesses across the US, they are expanding to meet client growth, needs and expectations.  JDR provides qualified candidates to companies in the areas of Information Technology, Healthcare, Engineering, Accounting and Supply Chain for talent requirements nationwide.

A combination of American assertiveness and European precision has been the keynote to the stimulating 23 years of JDR’s successful trading in Memphis, as demonstrated by JDR’s CEO, British entrepreneur Jill Herrin.


British Fun and Culture in Memphis

This week, I met and had a glass of champagne (or maybe two) with British Actor and Concert Director Charles Grant. Charles is a really talented singer, actor, television and radio producer.  He is currently the Concert Director at the Actors’ Church in St. Paul’s Covent Garden, London England (my hometown).

Charles presented “Chopin in London” at Winston Wolfe’s home, Loxley Hall, in Memphis, with the lovely Rose Cholmondeley, a Steinway Artist and Chopin recital extraordinaire.  Rose played music from Chopin’s last public concert at the Guildhall.



When I facilitate programs for leadership development, one of the topics we discuss in depth is trust.  The reason we talk about trust is that it is almost impossible to have a discussion about what makes a good leader without using the word “trust.”  To be a good leader you must be “trustworthy.”  You must have credibility with your followers and be someone whose word is always good.

So what exactly is trust?  Let’s start by thinking of 3 people whom you would trust with your life.  In other words identify some person or entity (think organization, agency, company) that you would trust to make life-altering or even life-ending decisions for you.  Have you thought of three?


JDResources, Inc. announces additional CIO Services

JDResources, Inc. announces additional CIO Services

JDResources, Inc. (JDR) is expanding our executive technology talent offerings to the US west coast by offering a new set of Information Technology (IT) leadership services provided by our pool of experienced Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Technology Officers (CTO).  Over the years, JDR has been providing interim CIOs and CTOs for companies that need strategic business leadership combined with strong, hands-on technology experience.

Now, JDR clients will be able to choose specific CIO leadership services.  Such CIO services include Business Transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions, agile Business Intelligence, Security & Compliance, Enterprise Architecture, institution of PMO , IT co-sourcing, IT organizational composition, cloud computing initiatives & delicate SaaS  transitions, and much more.


JDResources and GetUsROI Team Up on WMS

Expansion of Warehouse Management Systems support and services

JDResources and GetUsROI, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) experts, introduce a better way to get your WMS work done: MyWMSTeam.


An “English Day” in Memphis

Recently, I took a day off to celebrate with my Dad for his 89th birthday.   As we are originally from London, but are both now US Citizens, I thought it might be fun to give him an “English Day” in Memphis.  Somebody asked me – how on earth do you spend an English Day in Memphis?  My response was, “easily”- here’s what we did.

We started out with lunch at Crumpets.  We had a very English fare – Cornish pasties, strawberry tarts and Earl Grey Tea!  We ate properly and slowly with our knife and fork and took our time to savor the atmosphere.

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